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Radical thought. A person who monitors behavior and escorts with a stalking temperament. Bullying perpetrator. A person who does not understand the pain or suffering of a person. Vegan. vegetarian. Insel. Psychopath. Olympic officials. A defender or defender of politicians and criminals. People who want to be self-governing and partition. Those who make stupid posts. con man. Malicious (or fictitious) biller. Those who post cruel images and documents (same as obscene ones) Right wing. Left wing. spam. A person who uses the term weak meat and strong food to justify bullying. Geek. A person who wields a sense of justice. Those who discriminate on the basis of gender.

RT @StoakT_T: #古灯器優先者の撮信 横浜市 中区 見晴橋入口 余命宣告されたクチバシ(LEDランプ)を見に行こうと思ってたらなんかすごいことになってる。しかも丁度業者が来たし。
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