Hello there! I'm Kanzashi!

As I already wrote on my profile regarding that I'm Fujoshi so I'm gonna write more about my otp here. Mostly it will be Anime & game. My otps are mostly minor pairing. 😂

I can communicate in English, Japanese and Thai. 😊 If I did anything inappropiate please let me know so I can fix that. 🙏


T&B: Bottom Kotetsu, BunnyTiger 兎虎、虎総受け

Fate Zero: Bottom Kariya, Kotokiri 雁夜総受け、言切

Jojo: DioJona, Jonathan nii-san is an angel. ディオジョナ、ジョナ総受け

FFXV: Gladnis, Noct x Ig、グライグ、ノクイグ、イグニス総受け

BNHA: Bottom Allmight, Erasermight(not fix but prefer am as bottom 😂) オールマイト総受け、相オル(相)、出オル

Gundam IBO: McGae, AinGae マクガエ、アイガエ

逆転裁判: オドナル、ミツナル (マイナーです、わかります。😂)

Pokemon SwSh: キバダン kbdn(kb), mshp マサホプ

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